Tractor Trailers

Living and working in a Bolt Custom Tractor Trailer Sleeper, you’ll enjoy a professional atmosphere with quality features designed to enhance your personal comfort and maximize your business investment.

We are very excited to now offer Bolt Custom Sleepers of up to 150” long for installation on tractor trailer configurations. Our unique design maximizes the aerodynamic benefits of OEM sleepers, while offering greater quality details, increased space and homelike interior features. Our goal is to create a semi truck sleeper that helps maximize your productivity while providing superior comfort for your time on the road.

Integrated Sleeper Design

Our integrated tractor trailer sleepers are designed and manufactured to OEM standards in order to mimic the benefits of a sleeper straight from the factory floor while offering a larger footprint and unsurpassed custom features. As an industry leader, Bolt includes a wide selection of standard amenities, distinctive custom interiors, and is the only sleeper manufacturer to offer both a sweeping aerodynamic design and a superior aluminum construction.

We are currently building integrated sleepers for Freightliner and Kenworth semi truck models, with models for Peterbilt and Volvo coming soon.


  • OEM style aerodynamic roof design
  • Dine-a-bunk
  • Shower / Toilet
  • Sharp convection / microwave oven
  • Norcold DE0061T, 7.0 cu. ft. Refrigerator
  • Cooktop
  • LCD TV / DVD with In Motion Satellite available
  • Fantastic 12 volt roof vent fan
  • Roof-mounted air conditioner
  • Espar Airtronic D2 heater
  • Onan 8 KW generator
  • Qualcomm bracket
  • Work lights
  • Wheel to wheel fairings

Benefits of our tractor trailer sleeper design vs. our competitors:


While the competition employs a wood construction, we utilize both an aluminum exterior shell and cabinetry on the inside – making the unit lighter. This maximizes fuel efficiency while maintaining superior durability.



Our sweeping integrated semi truck sleeper cab design mimics the aerodynamic benefits of a factory sleeper. Thereby, we increase your miles per gallon and maximize your savings while providing superior comfort.



Our aluminum exterior construction won’t splinter and crack in the case of a collision or roll over like the wood construction of our competitors.


Huck Bolts

Huck Bolts
Our internal cabinets are all interconnected and Huck bolted to the sleeper’s exterior shell. This design tremendously strengthens the sleeper’s construction, as opposed to our competitors who merely hang wooden cabinets from their sleeper’s exterior.


Unfortunately, if a tractor trailer with a competitor’s sleeper cab would ever be involved in a head-on collision, those cabinets have the potential to dislodge and fly forward – endangering the truck’s occupants. With our unique design, this cannot happen with a Bolt Custom Sleeper.


Reefer Notch

Reefer Notch
Bolt’s innovation led the industry when we were the first to develop the Reefer Notch. This design allows a Reefer unit to be mounted on the truck’s roof, safe from road elements which tend to compromise the critical performance of similar belly mounted configurations.


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