Bolt Custom Trucks and Manufacturing looks to partner with companies in order to offer products that enhance features, increase efficiency, or provide additional comfort to our premium custom sleepers. Our goal is to bring you continual improvement, and sometimes that comes in the form of Bolt Accessories. We believe you’ll find the products offered on this page valuable to your business for the long haul.

Kitchen Sets for Bolt Sleepers

Everything you need in a Bolt Sleeper kitchen to help with convenience and space is put together in a collapsible bin with a transparent window and lid. Bolt is now offering essential kitchen tools complete with 30 Squish and Sunbeam brand items to make your sleeper kitchen road ready. For a limited time, take advantage of the introductory price of $159.99.

Get yours TODAY by calling Bolt Custom Trucks at 260.748.0314.

Kitchen Set Includes:

  • Squish 3 qt. Collapsible Mixing Bowl
  • Squish 1.5 Qt. Collapsible Mixing Bowl
  • Squish Measuring Set – 8 Pc
  • Sunbeam 3 Pc Chef Knife Set
  • Sunbeam 2 Pc Paring Knife Set
  • Sunbeam S/4 Flexible Cutting Boards w/Logo
  • Sunbeam Grater
  • Sunbeam 8″ Utility Scissors
  • Sunbeam 3 Pc Red Spatula Set
  • Can Opener
  • 6″ Swivel Peeler
  • Sunbeam Slotted Spoon
  • Sunbeam Basting Spoon
  • Sunbeam Slotted Turner
  • Sunbeam Chip Clips, set of 3
  • Bolt Embroidered Apron
  • Bolt Imprinted Hot Pads
  • Bolt Pan Scrapers
  • Collapsible Storage Bin with Transparent Window and Lid

Retail Cost = $219.99

Introductory Cost = $159.99, limited time only

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Flirt Skirt

Flirt Skirt™ Wheel to Wheel Fairings

Bolt Custom Trucks has developed a new exclusive technology – the Flirt Skirt. The Flirt Skirt incorporates wheel to wheel fairings for enhanced aerodynamics and aesthetics while still providing convenient access to a frame mounted generator and tool boxes. The innovative lift assist cylinders and counter balance action make the skirts easy to open and close. Ask for the Flirt Skirt on your next truck and custom sleeper from Bolt Custom Trucks.


  • Enhanced aerodynamics and aesthetics
  • Convenient access to frame mounted accessories
  • Innovative lift assist cylinders with counter balance action


Smart Truck

Bolt Custom Trucks recently partnered with Smart Truck in order to offer for sale and installation another best in class product in the industry. The Smart Truck TopKit trailer system’s aerodynamics delivers maximum fuel performance and rugged durability in a simple user friendly package. And, it’s innovative design won’t interfere with your loading and unloading activities, for maximum productivity. Contact us today for more information.

smart-truck TopKit Features:

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Maxwell ESM

Bolt Custom Trucks offers and recommends the Engine Start Module (ESM) from Maxwell Technologies. It’s not a battery. It uses patented, power-dense ultracapacitors to reliably crank diesel engines at ignition. We strive to provide all the comforts of home in your Bolt Custom Sleeper and sometimes the electrical amenities can be taxing on a truck’s battery system when it is idle for a period of time. Installing the Maxwell ESM ensures consistent starting, less downtime, fewer jump-starts and lower operating costs, allowing you to enjoy all the comforts of your sleeper without the worry of draining your battery. To make a purchase or learn more, Contact Us.

ESM Data Sheet



maxwell-exploded*Lead acid batteries still power ECM/ECU. Results may vary. Additional terms and conditions, including the limited warranty, apply at the time of purchase. See the warranty details for applicable operating and use requirements.

**See user manual for full installation details.

Download the Maxwell Engine Start Module Sales Sheet

Download the Maxwell Engine Start Module Data Sheet

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