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We know it’s challenging keeping up-to-date on current news and events and finding industry specific information relevant to you. That’s why we’ve created this section to offer owner-operators – living and working in a Bolt Custom Sleeper –
important and interesting information to be helpful for your business and scheduling.

Your Story Made Here: Bolt Custom Trucks

With today’s long-haul trucks and more truckers driving in pairs, you’ll find custom interiors that rival a luxury RV.

And the very best ones are made right here at Bolt Custom Trucks.

Bob and Linda Caffee spend 300 days a year on the road, out for months at a time….but this adventuresome couple doesn’t spend a dime on a motel. Instead, they just pull their bed down and sleep right in their sleeper.

“Quartz counter tops, hardwood floors, a Murphy bed, they actually call it a dynabunk because the bed pulls out from against the wall and pulls out a dinette set,” Bob Caffee said.

“And we have a refrigerator/freezer just like what an RV would have. It’s got a sink with a water heater so we’ve got hot and cold running water.”

The Caffee’s have a home in St. Louis, but they spend most of their time on this Freightliner, hauling goods from place to place, taking turns with the driving and making their retirement a fun way to see the country.

“Our truck’s fun. The front half’s for working, the back half’s for living. I have a complete officer in there. It’s comfortable. I have to tell ya, sometimes it’s more comfortable here than it is at home,” Linda Caffee said.

Bolt Custom Truck and Manufacturing in Ft. Wayne, made the Caffee’s premium sleeper in their 55 thousand square foot Transportation Drive manufacturing facility.

“We generally take in orders from customers and they generally give us a list of their desires so it’s most conducive to life on the road and we try to get them what they need,” Brian Callen, president at Bolt Custom Trucking.

At Bolt, you’ll get lightweight aluminum construction that is aerodynamic but built to withstand any kind of impact or rollover.

The metal frame is bent and cut and bolted together and fitted with soft foam-filled textiles. The powder-coated frames don’t rust or crack and the whole shebang is mounted on the truck. The business has grown from just 15 workers two years ago to nearly 40 workers today.

Bolt is always looking for skilled painters, welders and maintenance workers.

“The biggest goal is to get folks who are used to working in the manufacturing environment, used to being around….we don’t have big machinery but used to being in that sort of environment. Used to coming into work every day and then from there we can generally teach them to do what they need to do,” Callen said.

Callen sees growth potential in the tractor trailer sector of the trucking industry.

The reputation of this Ft. Wayne company is growing as well, as folks like Bob and Linda Caffee can attest:

“If you want a premium sleeper, you get a Bolt sleeper.”