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Palaces For The Kings Of The Road? Trucking firms hope to fill driver shortage by pimping out custom cabins for rigs up to $240,000

Trucking companies are looking to fill hundreds of thousands of vacancies in their fleets by giving some drivers a little bit more leg room for their cross-country journeys.

Companies that manufacture trucks for drivers long hauls have begun making living quarters that attach to the vehicles, with some models coming with kitchen areas, satellite TVs, refrigerators, bathrooms and a bed.

The changes are designed to give drivers a modicum of comfort instead of eating and sleeping in their seats at rest stops, and some hope that the spaces will bring in more truck drivers to an industrythat will need an estimated one million more employees in the next 10 years.

Some trucking companies have begun adding cabins to their fleets in hopes of easing driver experiences. Above, a vehicle from Bolt Custom Trucks boasts a custom cabin on the back in addition to the driver area.

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