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We know it’s challenging keeping up-to-date on current news and events and finding industry specific information relevant to you. That’s why we’ve created this section to offer owner-operators – living and working in a Bolt Custom Sleeper –
important and interesting information to be helpful for your business and scheduling.

Introducing, New Kitchen Sets for Bolt Sleepers


As part of a continual customer feedback, Bolt Custom Trucks is introducing new Kitchen Sets that offer drivers the convenience of all the kitchen essentials they need for their Bolt Sleeper to be road ready while considering efficiency and space.

“We’ve put together quality kitchen tools along with collapsible Squish brand products in order to save space and help customers plan the use of their sleeper kitchen space,” said Brian Callan, president of Bolt Custom Sleepers. “We’re always looking for more ways we can help customers be more productive and successful in a Bolt Sleeper.”

Eighteen products are included in the set, within a collapsible bin that has a transparent window and lid. The kit retails for $219.99 and will make its debut at the Expedite Expo July 24-25 in Wilmington, OH. For a limited time only, you can purchase a set at the introductory price of $159.99 at the show or by calling Bolt direct at 260.748.0314. For a list of the items in the set, and for more information, see the Accessories page.