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We know it’s challenging keeping up-to-date on current news and events and finding industry specific information relevant to you. That’s why we’ve created this section to offer owner-operators – living and working in a Bolt Custom Sleeper –
important and interesting information to be helpful for your business and scheduling.

More news from the Bolt Booth at GATS 2014

See what Overdrive and Channel 19 have to say about the Caffee truck:

So on the last day of the Great American Trucking Show I missed my flight back to Nashville — the long week (up early, on feet most of the day, up late, repeat) had taken its toll by Saturday a.m., and as I worked on finishing up a story, I was running up against the beginning time of the Trucking Solutions Group’s annual health walk. I’d missed it last year, and this year, rather than do a route circuiting the show floor, they were going to stroll out to the famous grassy knoll by the old Dallas book depository, so I’d planned to make it. As I left for it, I took a moment to do the prudent thing and quick-check my flight information for later in the day. No problem, plenty of time, flight doesn’t leave until 5:20 p.m.

So wrong! (I felt like I was in an old Seinfeld episode or something later, as I explained the problem to the drivers I knew still in Dallas, amping what little humor I could pull out of the episode — “But did I look at the departure time? No indeed! I was looking at the arrival time.”) 

Had I caught the flight, however, I wouldn’t have gotten this close look at one unique expediter truck, at least as it goes for the side fairings, parked at the Bolt Custom Trucks booth. Unlike any other I’ve seen to date outside of those SuperTruck project units or other concept trucks, the fairings actually follow the length the box all the way over the tandems.

Fort Wayne, Indiana based Bolt Custom Trucks built the fully integrated-style custom sleeper on the 2015 Freightliner Cascadia for FedEx Custom Critical-leased Bob and Linda Caffee, likewise building out the fairing treatment the length of the box, utilizing Freightliner stock side fairings with their own custom modifications. The truck is powered by a 380-hp Detroit DD13 and DT12 transmission.

Next stop for the Caffees’ truck? Outside shippers’ and receivers’ docks, Overdrive‘s Pride & Polish, where they’ll show in Working Bobtail next year if all goes well, as in 2012 where they bagged First in their class. 

Todd Dills